Aggravated DUI

Young woman pulled over by copIt’s college football season and our very own ASU Sun Devils have shown great determination these past couple games, beating USC and Stanford! These victories are cause for celebration, however always remember to have a safe plan home before deciding to go out and drink. DUI’s in the Tempe, Arizona area is steadily rising, prompting more arrests and charges by local officials. If you have been charged with a DUI and need help defending your case, then please contact The Weingart Firm and we would be more than happy to assist your questions and discuss representation.

Aggravated DUI Charges

The legal BAC in Arizona is .08%, and if anyone is pulled over having a BAC of anything above .08, will be charged with a DUI.  There are different types of DUI charges that vary in levels of severity and situations, however all of them are serious crimes and can be permanently put on your criminal record. The types of DUI charges are as follows:
  • Aggravated DUI
  • Commercial DUI Regulations
  • Felony DUI
  • Drunk Biking
We would like to go more in depth with Aggravated DUI charges because this is a common DUI charge among many people in the Tempe area. Aggravated DUI entails breaking the law in more than one way. Which could mean speeding while driving under the influence, driving under the influence with a revoked or suspended license or no proof of insurance, involved in a car accident where someone was killed or injured while driving intoxicated, or even transporting a minor who is under the influence.
The difference between an Aggravated DUI and a regular or misdemeanor DUI is the severity in the eyes of the law.  The state of Arizona takes DUI laws and charges very seriously and an Aggravated DUI is more severe on the offender.  The charges can be conjoined with other charges such as Manslaughter and Arson, and if convicted these charges can be used against you for the remainder of your life.  This means that if you were to be charged for another felony down the road, you can get an enhanced sentence because of your “ Prior Felony Conviction”.

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If you have received or know someone who has received an Aggravated DUI, please call The Weingart Firm to schedule an appointment for a case evaluation.  Even if charged, there may be a chance for you to reduce your charges or in some cases, they can even be dismissed. At The Weingart Firm we take the time to notice every detail and prepare thoroughly for every case to provide our clients with the results they seek.